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Are you doing everything you can to compete at your highest level? If you aren’t training your dynamic visual skills, you aren’t playing at your peak performance! We can train your speed and span of recognition, enhance your visual and motor reaction time, and reduce the stress effects of sport performance. The first thing to improve is peripheral awareness and the ability to stay focused followed by the speed and accuracy of the physical responses.


Want your athlete to have a competitive advantage both on and off the field? At SportSight we provide a Dynamic Sensory Motor Integration program that has NO negative side effects. In fact, athletes have reported a rise in their grades, better visual awareness while driving, as well as an increase in their play on the field.

SportSight offers specialized assessments that go beyond wall charts and general eye health screenings. We use state of the art technology to assess the dynamic visual skills of each athlete. We evaluate 10 specific visual and sensorimotor skills. After the assessment, we prepare a customized training program specific to the athlete’s sport, position, and visual system. Our protocols have specific metrics and benchmarks for every exercise. This way, the athlete can see the results, and knows without a doubt progress is being made, the improvement is REAL.

Individual Athletes- Every Athlete, Every Sport, Every Advantage!

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Club & Team

Club and Team Training- Every Sport, Every Team, Every Advantage!

Directors and Coaches

Want to improve your players “Read and React” skills? Do you have athletes that over analyze the game? We enhance athlete’s peripheral awareness, concentration, eye-hand coordination, and anticipation timing. These skills are imperative to instantaneous, automatic, unthoughtout reactions. After an athlete has mastered the technical skills, most performance mistakes are not because of physical movement errors but because the movement was made at the wrong time. The ability to anticipate is a major factor in high level competitive activities, and even superior speed, size, and reflexes cannot compensate for the insufficient processing of the visual information regarding WHEN to perform. We can help! You teach them how, we teach them when.

SportSight offers customized team assessments and develops a training program specific to your club/team’s needs and budget. We offer onsite and offsite training.

Every Sport, Every Team, Every Advantage!

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Schools- Every Student, Every Athlete, Every Advantage!

Athletic Departments-

Over 80% of the information we use to make decisions in sports is based on information gathered through the visual system. We address our athlete’s physical fitness, nutrition, general health, sleep, recovery, injury prevention and rehab. What goes unaddressed is arguably the most important contributor to athletic performance- the visual system.

SportSight offers sport specific programs that coaches can integrate into their existing practice plans, general programs to integrate into existing strength/conditioning programs, and we also offer completely custom programs that include a SportSight trainer onsite.

P.E. Curriculum/ After School Programs-

Experts say that roughly 80% of what a child learns in school is information that is presented visually. At SportSight, we assess and train the visual system to make sure the information gathered (by the visual system) is correct.

SportSight offers a fun, exciting, active, and engaging program based on developing coordination, executive function, and cooperation. Although this curriculum is not designed to treat or diagnose visual deficiencies; the program could potentially expose symptoms.

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